Patch 7.1.5 class changes

I will now act like I’m the blizzard devs coming up with idea on class changes…

Prot paladin:
Jimmy: What about tankadins guys?!?
Arnold: We can’t buff paladins enough make them even more fucking op
Steve: I know, change the Light of the Protector spell to heal them 20% more while they stand in the glowing floor lights they pee out.
Jimmy: good idea!

BM huntard:
Steve: so what’s the plan with BM huntards?
Kayla: Well you know they’re not first place DPS over mages, let’s work on fixing that!
Bob (The girl bob not the boy): Let’s basically equip rocket boosters on every spell and talent they have.
Bob2 (boy bob): That’s a sound plan.


Fire Mage Adjustment

Tom: MAges.
Jimmy: What about them?
Bob the Girl: Fire mages particularly.
Steve: WAY too op.
Bob the boy: what do we do then?
Arnold: we have but one choice.
Jimmy: WHAT?!
Arnold: buff them. Buff them so hard they get weak.
Bob the girl: I’m down.

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