Pretty screenshots

“Death Knights and scourge to the left of me, Dalaran to the right , here I am stuck in the middle with demons.” – Sargeras He’s between a flying teleporting […]

Zathaen Inzalaco Nudity The person draws females better than dudes I like how detailed they bothered to make silvermoon city btw As ppl will be seeking that in porn   […]

I will now act like I’m the blizzard devs coming up with idea on class changes… Prot paladin: Jimmy: What about tankadins guys?!? Arnold: We can’t buff paladins enough make […]

Quick Digest

I have 2 sets of juggernaut parts, green paint…and some other paint. On kimpari, the hunter who cannot tame mechanicals. _________ My matra: one day i will learn to tepy […]

LFR Verb ‘To LFR’ To tunnel a boss. “Guys we’re gonna LFR Horridon, we got enough DPS!”

my shaman is here like “NAZGRIM I HAVE TWO HUNTER PETS FOR YOU” as she runs with my other hunter folllowing her and my friend’s hunter chasing her.   “I […]