Death Knight tank main, 2 of them, one DH tank, one Bear.


Bio from WoWProgress:

I primarily tank as a Death Knight, I have two 110 Death Knights, one is 910 ilvl and the other is around 880. Death knight tanking experience goes back to Pandaria, and my higher ilvl Death Knight earned Proven defender in Legion (I hadn’t bothered prior) with a current score of 4163. I primarily hold raid tanking experience on a Death Knight.

Other Classes:

Demon Hunter tanking experience dates to Legion Beta and currently I do not have an Endless score on DH. Druid tanking experience dates to Cataclysm, currently no endless score on Druid. Paladin I have tanked with on/off since Lich King and it’s currently my paladin’s Main Spec.
Paladin I’ve got Holy healing experience dates to WotLK in pug raids for ICC. Priest healing is experience back to WotLK and no endless score.

Death Knight DPS, Rogue (assassination/sub), and Havoc are primary. I prefer MDPS. I can play hunter.

I’m found on facebook as Zathaen the Solo Holy Paladin and IG for largely mog and humor as @Zathaen. Twitter I’m found with @ZathTanks